Saturday, December 31, 2005

Base Camp

I have been behind in keeping up with the blogging and video blogging technology that has become available. This last year there was a lot of talk about using the technology for training and educational purposes. Using new technology always seems to be hard for some people to accept and the costs can be prohibitive for users, so I waited for the "kinks" to unravel. New technology can become another hill in the mountain range of learning (both for skills training and knowledge development)! I usually love my computer technology, but it is not and should not be the main focus. The outcome is what matters and sometimes "low-tech" is just as effective.

So...this is the Base Camp.

The definition for base camp is found at

It defines Base Camp as a place to " provide the starting point for a multiple day or week assault on climbing a mountain. Base camp is used to store supplies that are carried to camps higher up on the mountain."

The base camp will be stocked with basic information and resources on learning how to use the technologies, which are always changing! The technology will be used to apply current learning and instructional design knowledge in constructive, practical methods. When that has been achieved, an advanced base camp will be developed for LID applications..or so goes the dream!