Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Types of Video Use

Different video/types/technology
Remember that most of the video we are talking about here is not exclusively visual, but also includes an auditory componenet.
  1. 2-way videoconferencing
  2. Satellite (1-way videoconf.)
  3. Desktop  videoconferencing      
  4. Web-based  resources (w/plug-ins) pc accessible
  5. Software formats such as fla, wmv       
  6. Chats webcams- telephony 
  7. Streaming  video
  8. Video disc/CD/DVD
  9. Vcr/camera  playback   
  10. Mobile video- ebooks
  11. Gaming videos
  12. Video  textbooks-
  13. Podcasting video-
  14. Smart phones /tablet with presentationapps
  15. Smart phones/tablets used as recorders
  16. Lecture  capture/recordings-
  17. Scripted and filmed video-
  18. Student Led Broadcasts- equipment?
  19. SIP Trunking
  20. White board recordings