Friday, May 22, 2009

Biological Learning Issues

As an ID, ISD or LISS, one of the areas that all learning designers need to address are the new discoveries in brain research that influence the cognitive learning processes. It is one of the areas that needs to be incorporated into all ID or LISS research studies in the future.

Learning, psychological and systems theories are theories, but actual physiological research has shown some of them to be relevant and this needs to be incorporated into all planning for learning activities.

This blog will address LISS activities in all phases, including media attributes, as well as the actual technological issues of using any new technology. It is vital to the future of ID that technology use be separated from the use of the term educational technology or instructional technology. AECT has changed names for the group in previous years and definitions of educational technology and instructional technology. However, the government has demoted the definition back to the use of technology in education with its NCLB act and academia has confused the terms for years. Its time to define new terms and new ideas that separate the processes, theories and ideals of learning experience design from the AV history which overshadows its changes during the last 25 years. As a starting point, I am going to call myself a LISS instead of an ID and see if anyone continues to confuse me with a button pushing, mouse clicking, PowerPoint using computer nerd that can show some one how to use the LCMS system to upload their antiquated PPT slides to the web.

Instructional Technology or Educational Technology is not computers, it is not media. Those institutions which continue to use the term that way need to read the definitions of AECT over the last 40 years.

Scientific American has released a new study about a specific region in the brain that is essential to the ability to read.

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